The Power Of Color

One of the most underrated tools in web design is the effective use of color to enhance the message you deliver. When used correctly, you can power up your sales message with just color themes.

Here is a breakdown of what each subconsciously signals to the viewer.


Blue is associated with the feeling of power, authority, success, calmness, and security. Use this color as the background of websites and sales messages conveying trustworthiness. This blue background will give the readers a sense of security (much like the colors of a police officers uniform).

Use this color near your buy button or checkout cart to give your readers a feeling of trust.


Green is closely connected to harmony, growth, health, nature, and money. It is the ideal color when promoting products in the health and healing market. A great way to use this color would be in your logo or sales ads. Help people associate your message with harmony and growth. Green is closely associated with money either making it or saving it.


Orange is associated with youth, creativity, celebration and fun. When you need an exciting or fun sales copy, orange will solidify the message. Often used with bonus gifts or children’s products. Another excellent use of orange is found in competitions or event notifications.


Purple is closely tied with dreams, justice and fantasy. This is a great color for creating mystery and imagination. This color is also used when companies want to convey honor, courage, royalty, leadership, faith or sacred objects.

Brands have multiple reasons to use purple, its universal meaning easily portrays mystery, luxury, and power. Many brands use this only as a secondary color, but some use it to identify main brand colors like FedEx and Taco Bell.


White is connected to purity, innocence, cleanliness, and simplicity. White space between text blocks will help people break between paragraphs and keep the message focused.

White is useful in bringing out the contrast between other colors making them stand out. This color has been found to be effective in health and medical ads to symbolize a sterile environment.


Yellow is connected to amusement, cheerfulness, curiosity and playfulness. This color is meant to bring out the cheerfulness of youth. Yellow is a bright color and should not stand on its own. Sharp rays of sun directly on your eyes can be painful and it is the same for your brand. Most companies combine yellow with some other complimentary color. McDonalds and Ikea are two great examples.


Red is usually associated with passion, excitement, danger, love, warning, food, impulse, action, and a sense of adventure. Red is often used to attract attention to a headline and is usually paired with a white background to contrast the effect. Use this color if your sales message has a sense of excitement or passion. When using red, less is more. Be careful not to over use because it can become an eyesore if viewers are forced to look at this color for a long period of time.


Pink elicits feelings of innocence, softness, tenderness, and even sweetness. A great color for a valentines’ or dating profiles and pages. It represents the sweetness and innocence of the child with uncomplicated emotions. Brands that use pink? Barbie and Baskin Robins.


One of the most used colors for logos and marketing messages is Black. It is a sophisticated and timeless color. Used for its casual charm and ability to fit with any color scheme or message.

Black is all about seriousness, timelessness and secrecy. Normal text on your website is often black because of the ease in viewing the color. Companies like NIKE and Apple use this color to dominate their markets.

Every color has its own behavioral, emotional, and physical connection to the viewer. When used in a sales message or website copy, color will add an additional level of direct connection with the viewer. If you are not using color theory in your marketing designs now is a great time to start.