4 Effective Web Design Tips

There is endless information written on how to design a website that effectively communicates a brand message or accomplishes a specific marketing objective.

These four quick and easy to implement tips offer a great starting point in design or redesign.

Website Navigation

Website navigation should be one of the first considerations made when planning the layout of any site. Without clear navigation it will be almost impossible to communicate your message. When your website is confusing, people will leave out of frustration. This means all the work done to attract visitors has been wasted.

Consider all your website’s ‘paths’, are any hidden or difficult to understand? Each navigation choice should be obvious to viewers. Make it clear what action you want each reader to take, tell visitors exactly where to click, how to subscribe, or where to find additional information. When the path is clear, you will be surprised at how many visitors follow your lead.

Less Is More

Cramming information into one page isn’t going to work. Who wants to read an endless page of disjointed information related to a service or product?

This is a big mistake. Viewers browse more than they read. When it is easy to find the information about your business because the layout is broken down into easy to follow bite size sections, the visitor can then decide to contact you for the FULL details with a general understanding of your products or services.

However, do not make the mistake of writing too little information. You will need to be concise in your web copy and answer common questions or objections without being long winded. Give organized information in a way that each visitor knows what they should do next, with ample opportunity to contact you or ask questions through your contact page.

Regular Updates

Your website should be a place where customers and prospects can read about your business and learn about your products. This is your “home court”, a place to present your business how YOU SEE IT.

Updating your website should be a regular marketing task. Your customers love to get professional tips and timely updates related to products they have already purchased. It is valuable information from a source they trust.

Give your customers what they want (valuable professional grade information) and they will return to an experience they know, with someone they like because you have built trust through content and through delivering great products or services. When everything comes together, you will begin to receive referrals from past customers recommending your business to their friends.

Search engine optimization is another great reason to update your website. Search engines are constantly indexing current and fresh information. They want new information to present to their visitors. After some time of regular updates, you will begin to see visitors coming to your site from search results. The best part? This traffic is free and highly targeted.

Build An Audience

With all the traffic you will be generating through great information and regular updates, why not build an audience that you can contact as needed?

Email, FB Messenger, Mobile Aps like Telegram are all great places to collect your contacts. Entice your visitors to join your list by offering a discount or even something of value for free. Give clear instructions on how to join and what benefits the visitor will receive. There are many places on your website that will naturally prompt visitors to check out your list offer, sidebars, footers and even inside your content are excellent options.

Having an easy to understand and well laid out website will make it much easier for your business to find new customers. Follow these four quick tips and your will have a great starting point for a more effective website.